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"Amazing advice about relationships and especially those really challenging ones."

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How to Talk to Your Partner About the Burden of Invisible Labor with Laura Mickler

March 12, 20241 min read

Every woman from every walk of life understands the burden of invisible labor. 

Laura Mickler, a mindset coach and yoga studio owner, joins us on the podcast for an insightful conversation about how to understand and share the burden of the mental load with your partner and family members. 

In this episode of the Respected & Connected Podcast we discuss:

  • The concept of invisible labor

  • Why it can be so difficult to share the load

  • Practical tips and strategies for discussing and balancing home responsibilities

  • How to empower family members to notice and take action


About Laura Mickler

Laura Mickler is a mindset coach and yogi who left a successful career in finance to pursue a more aligned life. She is a huge believer in saying "why not?" to those people who tell you that you can't do something. Laura lives in Indiana with her husband, 2 boys & 2 pups.

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"Real life help"

She has very real advice and has helped me be able to identify what it is I want to do and be and how to get there in my relationship.

"amazing podcast"

Sharon's guidance and tips will help ALL of your relationships!

“wonderfully inspirational”

Sharon shares such warmth and inspiration when she speaks! Her themes are so relevant. It’s refreshing to sit back and listen to real people talking about real things.

"My personal relationship coach"

Sharon helps me slow down and really think about what I want to say. I love applying what I learn and reporting to her about how it went.

“Helpful insight and warm approach”

Unbiased, helpful insight into some really difficult issues! Sharon has such a calming and non-judgmental approach.

"such good advice"

Sharon gives such amazing advice about relationships and especially those really challenging ones.

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